Announcing Twilight Render 2.4.6 (Maintenance Release)

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Announcing Twilight Render 2.4.6 (Maintenance Release)

Post by Chris » Sat Nov 07, 2015 6:37 pm

We are announcing a maintenance release for Twilight Render V2.4. We've added some bug fixes as well as improving some of our standard functions.

  • Fixed the library import for several old legacy material libraries
    -- This fixes the report of the Library Importer freezing, as well as the Material Editor failing to load certain older Kerkythea material libraries.
  • Fixed the 'Map to SketchUp' feature of the Deep Material Editor to apply textures to the SketchUp model
    -- The Deep Material Editor provides a mechanism to map a Library Material's texture image to the SketchUp model material. A bug was found where SU materials with image textures already applied would ignore the action.
  • Fixed bug with certain IES (photometric) light files
    -- Certain IES lights with very small values were being misread.
  • Fixed material conversion from 1.x to 2.x for certain old SketchUp files
  • Fixed bug with the View Tool
  • Fixed animation render bug with light caching
    -- It was possible for the first frame in an animation to not lock the light cache causing light artifacts in the first frame.
  • Improved file selection, esp. with IES lights
    -- IES light data is embedded in the SketchUp file, allowing you to take it wherever the SU file goes. To reflect this, the name of the IES file for any light can not be directly edited. Users can select a new file to load (just as always) but can not edit the name of the file as before.
  • Removed Flatten-Geometry feature
    -- This was a little used feature that "flattened" components and groups. However it was not operating as intended as has been removed.
  • Improved display of add-on features like SketchyPhysics
    -- Add on features like SketchyPhysics and Skatter are displayed as disabled when the respective third party plugin is not installed.
Added support for Skatter*
-- Skatter is a soon-to-be-released third party plugin that allows rendering of scattered components. You can find information online, and can watch for its release here:

*New feature is for Twilight Render Professional licensed users only. Skatter is a third party plugin developed with no association to Twilight Render. Twilight Render provides render support only.
Download the latest version here!


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