How to get DOF (Depth of Field) in your image [Video]

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How to get DOF (Depth of Field) in your image [Video]

Post by Fletch » Fri Aug 28, 2009 1:31 pm

Here's a short video demonstrating the ability to not only render with DOF (Depth of Field) but to Animate the DOF using Twilight. (requires Xvid codec to view) It will be added shortly to the Animation Feature Page on the Twilight Render main website.
StudioSoundboardAnimation0000.jpg (63.3 KiB) Viewed 8113 times
You have a scene ready to render, and you want to set up DOF for your camera with Twilight Render.
This topic is covered in theTwilight User Manual. Each frame of this animation took less than 2mins to render on a 2mhz Dual-core laptop! We will post the scene soon for our registered users to try soon.

In order to have DOF in your Twilight Render you need only two things:
  1. Set a Camera Target
  2. Set the F-Number for your Camera
Setting the Camera Target is SIMPLE...
To set the Camera Target:
Choose the Twilight View Tool, and hold CTRL>Click a point in the scene. ***edited steps after release of new View tool in Twilight v 1.1***

In SketchUp choose Animation>Add Scene to set that view up as a permanent camera tab.
  • Now we can rename the tab "DOF" or something easy to find later. ;)
  • Now on the Camera Tab in the Main Rendering Window choose an F-number - without this, you will see no DOF effect! (Refer to user manual.)
  • Render happy...
Keep in mind that rendering DOF adds significantly to render times and requires higher render settings to look good. Using the Depth Render pass and adding DOF using a Photo Editing program is faster for rendering times and allows more control.

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