Prefer a crispier look? Try alternative antialiasing methods

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Prefer a crispier look? Try alternative antialiasing methods

Post by Ecuadorian » Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:20 pm

NOTE: There's no need to download these now. The last version of Twilight includes a full set of Alternative Antialising presets in:
Express > 2) Advanced > Alternative_AA

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The antialiasing method used by most Twilight presets is called "Production AA". It's fast and good for most situations. But sometimes you might prefer a "crispier" look. Twilight has the ability to use two more antialiasing methods: "Extra Pass 3x3" and "Iterative 3x3". I copied all PhotonMap-based presets found in Twilight and changed their AA settings to these two methods, with a threshold of 0.3. Here they are:
(40.96 KiB) Downloaded 1157 times
Copy them to the following folder:
C:\Program files\Google\Google SketchUp 7\Plugins\Twilight\RenderSettings\

If you're feeling adventurous, open the .xml files and try changing the threshold values for different results. Lower threshold values will trigger resampling for more pixels, thus taking more time to render, and higher threshold values do the opposite. You can find the threshold value near the beginning of the file, in this line:
<Parameter Name="Antialiasing Threshold" Type="Real" Value="0.3"/>

NOTE: I edited this post to include more presets instead of starting a new thread.
Here's my original post:
For some images I find that the "Prelim" preset would be good enough with a little AA, so here it is:
(1.2 KiB) Downloaded 1009 times
Load it in your \Google\Google SketchUp 7\Plugins\Twilight\RenderSettings\Express\1) Easy\ folder.
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Re: Prelim preset with AntiAliasing

Post by Fletch » Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:01 pm

Easy "2" "Low" IS basically 'prelim' with AA... but... ok.


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