Render Quick Test Animation from SketchUp

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Render Quick Test Animation from SketchUp

Post by Fletch » Tue Nov 10, 2009 4:19 pm

Chris in [url=]the Depth Animation thread[/url] wrote:...because depth renders render so quickly I decided to do a quick animation.
Using Depth Render for animation test is cool... but for those not aware that other "render passes" exists in Twilight... 8-)

How to render quick animation tests:
  1. Use very small size and the same fps for final output (if wanting to check every frame in case you are worried about odd camera behavior, or use 5fps for a very quick video check)
  2. Use Tech setting>Specialized>DiffuseTexturePass to render the test animation
  3. Follow the steps outlined in the User Manual for rendering an Animation.
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