How To Render Edge Lines (wireframe) Only

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How To Render Edge Lines (wireframe) Only

Post by Fletch » Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:53 pm

Here is a great little technique tip that comes from forum member pdwyer here.

How to render a mesh only. How to render a wireframe only. How to render SketchUp Edge Lines only.
pdwyer wrote:If you set the faces to be no shadow architechual glass, 0 alpha and IOR=1 they are pretty much gone. then set the edge lines on and some welding (or you'd get diagonals on your faces) For edge lines on hidden/smoothed geometry I can't quite work this out, sometimes they are all appearing sometimes they aren't, perhaps there's more to it for that.

Just create your material and put it everywhere in the scene you want a mesh look. the edge line thickness can be controlled.
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