Reflection of Lights in surfaces

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Reflection of Lights in surfaces

Post by Fletch » Thu Sep 15, 2011 9:53 am

The main light types and their reflection results in a surface. (Other light types not shown are IES, HDR, and Projector)
Download scene :>:
SU7/SU8 compatible test file
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The test .skp file is attached below. Inside the file on one wall are placed the bump and specular maps used for the floor. To use them when you render, use the Twilight .xml export feature to grab all the image files from the scene quickly and place them in a folder, then set up the floor using the Plastic Shiny template and find and load the specular map into the specular slot, and the bump map into the bump slot.

If you are not a licensed user of Twilight you can still export these texture image files by using SketchUp's Material Editor dialog "Edit Texture Image" button, then saving the file from whatever program you have set up as your image editor in SketchUp. (this is specified by you under SketchUp's "Window" pull down menu>Preferences>Applications>browse to .exe file for the image editor of your choice)
Twilight-light-types-reflections-in-floor-Easy09.jpg (77.75 KiB) Viewed 4985 times

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