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Terrain Tools coming soon

Post by Chris » Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:11 pm

We will soon be releasing Twilight Render V2.8 and it will include a new AddOn, the Terrain Tools for Twilight Render. This is a set of tools allowing you to sculpt and procedurally texture terrains. You will be able to create new terrains from heightmaps or procedural functions, and even convert SketchUp geo-Location terrains!

You can see the announcement on our homepage at https://www.twilightrender.com/index.ph ... n-announce.
We've also posted a tutorial for the tools so you can see more about how to use them and what they can do: https://www.twilightrender.com/index.ph ... ls-terrain.

As with each AddOn, a license for Terrain Tools AddOn must be purchased separately. You must also have a valid license for Twilight Render V2 Pro to activate this, and any, AddOn.

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