Pentax Camera - great model in Google 3DWarehouse

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Pentax Camera - great model in Google 3DWarehouse

Post by Fletch » Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:53 pm

Here's a short tutorial for this scene. It's so simple, it's a bit scary. :o

  1. Open model.
  2. Apply Textures from library or template. Add ground plane.
  3. Load HDR in Probe or Spherical Sky type.
  4. Set Camera focus point.
  5. Render
Camera-Pentax-Easy9-nopostpro.png (376.09 KiB) Viewed 10133 times
Detailed Instructions:
  1. Search for "Pentax Camera" at the Google 3D warehouse
  2. Download the 3D model called "My Camera in the 70s"
  3. Apply the NK Metals Library "Platinum" to the silver body.
  4. Apply the Plastics Library "Tire New" to the black plastic.
  5. Apply the Material Template "Metal>Aluminum" to the brushed metal where the lens is attached to the camera body
  6. Apply the Material Template "Plastic>Shiny" to all the letters on all the dials.
  7. Apply the Material Template "Realistic Glass>Common" to the lens glass. (not seen in this view, so this step is not required)
  8. Apply the Material Temaplte "Plastic>Flat" to the bumpy texture on the camera body, and click the link next to the bump channel to use the texture as the bump.
  9. Add a floor, use a warm color or soft texture.
  10. Click the first scene tab in SketchUp to prepare to render this view.
  11. In Sun&Sky Tab load the "Apt-Probe.hdr" in the "Probe" spherical sky type.
  12. Set sky settings for this HDR like so: Sky Type Probe - Sky Intensity .25
  13. Set Render Dialog Camera Tab exposure settings like so: Exposure 1.5, Gamma .85
  14. Render prelim.
  15. Set Target for camera by Ctrl-click on the Camera Body using the Twilight View Tool
  16. In Render Dialog set camera F-number to 8
  17. Render with Easy 09
for the lazy -
  1. just download this scene, open and hit render.

In the scene available for download here I have thickened the camer's lens hood to make it a bit more realistic, then used the bevel tool on the front edge of it after thickening it.
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