Bump mapping a solid color...

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Bump mapping a solid color...

Post by admin » Sat Sep 12, 2009 4:49 pm

In order to apply a bump map, reflection map, or any texture based material element, there has to be a texture applied in SketchUp in order to get the correct orientation and size of the UV (texture) coordinates. The "size" value in Twilight is actually how deep the bump is, but it can't set the scale of the bump bitmap.

Here, Ecuadorian explains:

Applied a grass texture to the donut
Chose glossy paint as the Template
Unlinked the color in Twilight and selected "color" as the color option (sounds confusing :? ), set it to blue
Linked the bump and set the depth to 5 (well, it says "size")

The donut looks grassy in SU, but it renders blue with grass bump in Twilight.

Without texturing applied to the model in SU, there are no valid texture coordinates. So the bump is being applied but without coordinates... I'm sure you can see where that's going. The solution is as Miguel describes. Unchain the Color channel. Then Chain the bump channel. What you see in SU is the bump map, but the actual color rendered is whatever color or texture you specify in Twilight.

Make sure you apply the template first (as Miguel shows) or it will reset the chain settings

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